Back in the (Piecing) Saddle Again…..

This summer I didn’t do much piecing. I don’t know if I just preferred being outdoors while the weather was nice, or if I was somewhat burned out on quilting. But now that the gardening/camping season is over, I’ve been piecing up a storm! Here’s one quilt I finished recently:

The pattern is called the ‘Cut Up’ quilt by Pieced Tree Designs. The fabric is a layer cake from Moda called Little Gatherings. I really fell in love with these fabrics when I saw them. Originally I only ordered the layer cakes, but once I worked with them I had to order charm packs and jelly rolls as well! I wanted to keep a masculine feeling to this quilt, so I used a panto that looks like woodgrain. The panto is called Mahogany, and in it’s original form all of the lines flow horizontally. But I modified it so every other block is vertical. I’m really happy with how it turned out, what do you think?

If you love these fabrics too, you can find them on my website. There are kits available too.

I started another quilt using a jelly roll in these fabrics, and I’m also working on a Christmas quilt. I’ll try and show you more tomorrow. What have you been working on?


Another Twinkle Quilt

Thanks to all who commented on my last post of “Does Size Matter?“! While this quilt is made up of only a few relatively simple pieces (Half-Square Triangles, Triangle Squares, Snowball blocks, squares and rectangles), there are various colorations of each unit. So it’s been one of my more challenging patterns to write in a manner that will keep everything easy and organized for the piecer.

I’ve decided to offer just two sizes – the lap (63″ x 81″) and a queen (99″ x 117”). It’s taking me long enough to do all the calculations for just these two – guess I should have paid better attention in math class all those years ago! LOL

Anyone want to test the larger size for me? I’m pretty careful about calculating and checking yardages and number of units, but the real test is in someone sewing it. That’s why I made two of the lap size – the first time I was playing with colors and layouts and I didn’t worry too much about yardage and number of units. Then I sewed a second sample and when I was done I found 14 extra rectangles on my cutting table – whoops! At least that was a minor error that was easily corrected.

So would you like to see the second sample I sewed? I used completely different fabrics, batiks from Moda’s ‘Believe’ and ‘Let It Snow Favorites’ lines. Here are both versions side by side……

The blue one is not yet quilted and is slightly in front of the bright one, so the blocks may appear larger, but both are the same size.

Which is your favorite?

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