Raffle Quilt Finished!

One of the guilds I belong to has an interesting way of creating a raffle quilt. A theme is chosen, fabrics are selected, and block kits cut. Anyone who wants to participate can purchase a block kit and make a block to fit the theme. The blocks are displayed at our quilt show and voted on by the public. The first 3 places are awarded cash prizes, and then all the blocks are assembled into the following year’s raffle quilt.

This year I was on the raffle quilt committee. We chose the theme “Everything Old is New Again”, and tried to incorporate the idea of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” by asking guild members to donate pieces of fabric from their stashes to use in the block kits. And one member offered to donate a Dream Green batting from Quilter’s Dream – it’s made from recycled pop bottles.

We gave them each a piece of this fabric to use as an inspiration for colors:

Then we sorted through the donated fabrics and chose ones to use for the kits.

I think we had about 14 blocks turned in. We also asked them to make 6″ finished blocks from any leftovers from their kits – these wouldn’t be judged but would be included in the finished quilt.

I had a plan on how to lay out all these blocks, but as often happens, the quilt had other ideas. So it took a bit longer to put together than we planned, but the piecing was finished the end of January, and I had the quilting done just 3 days before it’s first public display! Our Winter Farm Show (like a county fair) is held in February and we traditionally sell tickets for the quilt in the room where the needlework and crafts are displayed. This is the first time anyone can remember that the quilt has actually been totally finished for the Farm Show. Yay Us!!

Oh, you’d like to see pictures of the finished quilt???? Well, sure, here you go……

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