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Does Size Matter???

…..when it comes to a quilt you’re going to make? I’m working on a new pattern………well, to be honest, although the instructions are new, the quilt is not. I actually sewed the sample over a year ago…..started writing the instructions……and then along came some OTHER bright and shiny new project I just had to work on. And then another one, and well, here it is a year and a half later. You’ve never done that, have you?? I didn’t think so…….

Anyway, I’m wondering what size quilt people like to make. Do you prefer smaller projects such as lap throws, or do you want a bed-sized quilt such as a queen? Would you avoid purchasing a pattern because it was not the size you wanted, or would you figure out how to adapt it to your preferred size? And if you were purchasing a kit, which size would you rather have? Please leave me a comment so I can offer the size that you want.

Would you like a sneak peek of the quilt? I think I showed part of it once before, but I HAVE made progress as it is now quilted.

Of course I still haven’t done the binding…….sigh. But, the instructions are mostly written – I’m just trying to finalize the diagrams and layout. The size I have now is a large lap/small twin – about 63″ x 81″. I also thought of adding a larger size – would you prefer 81″ x 99″ or 99″ x 117″? Please share this post with your quilty friends and ask them to comment on as well.

I’m hoping to have the pattern ready for sale by the end of the month! If you’d like to be notified when it is, you can subscribe to my blog on the top left of this page, or sign up for my newsletter by clicking here and filling in the blanks on the lower left. Better yet, why not sign up for both!!

10 Responses

  1. I like a pattern with a couple of options regarding size. especially if the piecing is on the complicated side or if there are fancy pieced borders. if it super simple, i can make the adjustments myself. Lately, I’m tending toward making lap size quilts as I like the quilts on my beds at this time….but that can change on a dime!

    your pattern looks like it’s a good one!

  2. thinking the 99 x 117 would be a great larger size. so it gets my vote

  3. I think it can depend on who you are targeting at and whether the design would shift between different sizes.

    Some designs will only work on large pieces, some on small, and some on any size.

    As someone who’s just coming into quilting, I’d like to try out an small-ish (baby sized or slightly bigger) quilt to make sure I could produce something, learn how to piece and stitch up etc, and either hand or machine stitch accordingly. If I was comfortable and I liked the result it would be pleasing to know that that design could be translated into something larger.

    As a designer, where would you like to show your strengths?

  4. I would like the choice of several sizes. I never know what size i am going to want!

  5. I’m with Kay in that I like different options, and if it’s a complicated pattern, I am not going to figure out the conversions. I work full time and also longarm part time, so time is of the essence. My favorite patterns are those that show several different sizes so I can choose which one to make, and everything is figured out for me. 🙂

  6. For me it depends on the pattern. This one looks great in both sizes!

  7. I would prefer the larger one.

  8. I’m with Tammie and Kay I like patterns that can be done in any size so I can choose the one I what and for who I’m making it for.

  9. […] Does Size Matter??? […]


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