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MORE fun with bleach (and bleach-like substances)

Today was the day. Jeri and Kay were here for Art Quilt Group. (Maybe we should come up with a more creative name? After all, we’re trying to be creative.)

We started with discharge dying using discharge paste. We did that first because you’re supposed to wait until it dries, then cause the discharge to happen using steam (as in a steam iron). Did we wait for it to dry until after lunch, as was the plan????? Uh, NOOOO! We (I?) needed instant gratification, so I got a hair dryer and we blow-dried, then steamed. All before morning coffee break. (Okay, no one drank coffee, but we had chocolate chip crumb loaf for a snack – hey, we needed to keep our strength up!)

I didn’t get many pictures of what Jeri and Kay did (I think Kay did and they will probably show up on her blog), but here are two of my fabrics:


Kaufman Kona Cotton

Kaufman Kona Cotton



Benartex Flower Mart

Benartex Flower Mart

I REALLY like both of these. I did them with foam stamps, applying the paste with a foam roller. Discharge paste is nice to work with as there is no rush. It doesn’t discharge until you steam it. So you can apply it and go do something else (like eat chocolate chip crumb loaf!). Once it is dry, start steaming it. The color change happens gradually. The more you steam it, the more color is removed. And it doesn’t need to be neutralized. Just wash it when you’re done.

*I’m* done. For today. But I’ve only told you about 1/3 of what we did today. I’ll talk about marbelling and bleach discharging at a later time. (I just really wanted to get *something* posted tonight so I could beat Kay to putting it on her blog! LOL)

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