2013 Quilt Show

The Magic Needlers Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Festival was held Oct. 5 & 6. I was honored to be chosen as the Featured Quilter this year. Look at what I saw the day before the show opened on the big electronic billboard in our town!


Here are a few photos of my display. It’s kind of fun to see all of your work hanging at once.

DSCN8114  IMG_1283


One of the categories guild members could exhibit in was ‘Antique/Heirloom Quilts’. I like how they displayed these items on old wooden ironing boards:


There was a beautiful old Log Cabin quilt, as well as a pretty red & green basket quilt:

DSCN8130  DSCN8129

Our show is not judged, but we do invite the public to vote for their favorite quilt. This year’s Viewer’s Choice went to my customer Cindy’s beautiful Chinoiserie quilt. Congratulations, Cindy, and thanks for trusting me to quilt your special quilt!


Cindy wanted an overall design on her quilt, so we chose Elegant Swirls as the pattern mimicked the design in some of her fabric. The ‘petals’ were to be appliqued onto the quilt top. She wisely left these off so I didn’t have to quilt around or over them, and once the overall design was complete I secured them down with one of the motifs I split out from the overall design.

DSCN8088  DSCN8090

I also presented a trunk show on Sunday. I thought it would be fun to see the same quilt pattern made up in different fabrics. We chose some quilts that were my original patterns or I had taught in some of my classes. Thanks to my wonderful customers and students for loaning me their quilts, we had a really nice variety to show off!

This was a Mystery Quilt the guild did a few years ago:


Here are some Day & Night quilts from the class I did using Eleanor Burn’s book of the same name:


Twirling Tulips‘ is one of my original patterns. You can see several versions of it below:


Annie’s Star‘ is another original pattern. Here are four customer/student’s quilts, plus my original:

Annies    Annies90

Look at how different these two ‘Twinkle‘ quilts are! Changing the fabric really can change the look of a pattern.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of our show. If you’d like to know more about AndiCrafts Quilting Studio’s original patterns, please visit my website. I’ll be adding more patterns in the weeks to come, so check back often to see what’s new.


One Down, Two to Go

Last weekend was our local quilt show, the Watertown Quilt Festival. It seemed to go very well, and I was busy both days. So busy that I didn’t get out of the booth much to take photos. But I did get a few. Our theme this year was “Everything Old is New Again”, and Paula did a wonderful job decorating with antique pieces. Look how cute the stage was:

The two quilts in the background are ones the guild made to donate to various causes such as Make a Wish or charity fundraising auctions.

Our guild members did a mystery quilt for our spring retreat in May. About 25 people signed up to participate, and we had 14 finished mystery quilts in the show!! Good job, ladies!

Here are a few views of my booth:

These are the blocks that were entered into the block contest. They will be assembled into a top to create next year’s raffle quilt.

Our show is not judged, but we do have the attendees vote for their favorite quilt. This year’s Viewer’s Choice was a Bargello quilt by one of my customers, Renae. I was so happy for her, she did a beautiful job on the quilt. Here we both are with her ribbon-winning beauty…..and no, we did NOT plan to wear clothing that matched the quilt – it just worked out that way!

And here’s a closeup of some of the quilting:

That’s the last show for this year, now I just have a few quilting retreats coming up.

Quilting Season has Arrived!

While the end of summer always makes me sad, the shorter days and less time in the out-of-doors means there is more time for sewing and quilting – YAY!! September and October are always filled with quilting events – shows, retreats, classes, etc. Now that I have my Studio, I can’t attend as many of these as I used to. Just this month, for instance, are several events I’ve attended in the past. Last weekend was the Hill City Quilt Show and The Great Black Hills Quilt Escape in the Black Hills of S. Dakota. This weekend the South Dakota Quilter’s Guild is holding their Fall Quilting Retreat in Huron. Next weekend is the Indian Summer Quilt Show & Conference held in Fargo ND.

The first weekend in October is our local show, the Watertown Quilt Festival hosted by the Magic Needlers Quilt Guild. This is this year’s raffle quilt:

If you want to know more about how the raffle quilt was made, you can read this post.

The second weekend in October is the AQS Show in DesMoines, IA. A friend and I were planning on going but decided we had too much else going on to attend. However, the last weekend in Oct. we will be attending a three day quilting retreat not too far from home.

I enjoy attending both shows and retreats.

Shows energize and excite me.

The quilts inspire me to try new things, consider different color combinations, strive to improve my techniques. The vending booths contain all sorts of fabrics and patterns and notions and doodads just crying out to be taken home and given a whirl. (And those demonstrators make everything look so easy – I can be proficient and artistic and efficient if I just buy their product!!) Spending time with the bigwigs and stars of the quilting industry, in a class or a lecture, keeps me amazed at how inventive and creative some people can be. I’m never sure if I should feel inspired by what they’ve achieved or depressed that I’ll never produce something half as beautiful!

Some retreats are similar to a show, with the whirlwind of running to this and that event, but the ones I like best are more relaxed.

We arrive when we want, with most of the contents of our sewing room in tow. There is no real schedule other than when to eat. Otherwise, we do what we want. Sleep late, or get up early. Spend time during the day napping, or reading or walking in between sewing, or sew the entire time. Finish an old project or start something new. This is the time I can be most productive. All those projects I’ve started in a class, and never had time to finish, can get completed. Those items I bought at the vendor mall at a show can be tested and tried. And although we don’t have formal classes during this retreat, I’ve always learned something. Someone shows a new ruler or gadget. Another shares a different way to applique. Look at the great pattern someone found at the last show they attended. Did you see this method of doing binding?….or mitered corners?….or…….the possibilities are endless. And the easy companionship of spending time with like-minded individuals is good for the soul – who else will “ooh and aah” over your latest creation?

So are you attending any shows or retreats this fall? Do you have a favorite?

Catching Up

It’s been a busy few weeks since I last posted. We had our local quilt show the first weekend in Oct. I was in charge of the Silent Auction and the Quilts of Valor booth, we are trying to get a group started here in our area so we were talking up the program and handing out block kits that people can take home to sew and return.

On Sunday morning of the quilt show, my IntelliQuilter was delivered! This is a robotic quilting system that will ‘drive’ the longarm for me after I set up the design. I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time, so much so that I bought the second longarm to put it on! After several hours in the morning while Tony installed the machine and Helen trained me on it, it was back to the quilt show in the afternoon.

I only had 2 days to play with the IQ, then it was off to Des Moines, IA to attend the first AQS show held there. They put on the big show in Paducah, KY every year, but I’ve never been to that one since it is so far. Des Moines was only a 7 hour drive, so how could I not go? I went with Jeri, who is in my little art quilting group, and the last night there we compared the photos that we took. Funny, we both took pics of many of the same quilts, and they were all the artsy ones!

We decided to play a joke on Jeri’s DH – she was kidding him one time about buying a longarm quilting machine. We walked past a booth at the show and there was a SOLD sign on a HandiQuilter. So I got her picture with the machine and we emailed it to Johnny that evening with a note that he needed to send more money!

A nice bonus was the Des Moines Area Quilter’s Guild was having their show at the same time in the same venue for the same admission price. So we got to see 2 shows in one! There were some wonderful quilts in that show as well, and I was very impressed with how they hung their show. In each of the little ‘cubicles’ that are formed by the pipe and drape, the quilts were related in some way – they might all be oriental-themed, or all blue-and-white quilts, or all 30’s prints, etc. It really made for an exceptionally nice showing.

And this week it was back to reality, I actually worked all 5 days, all day! It’s about time, huh??? LOL

I Don’t Believe It!

I belong to 5 quilt guilds. One in my town, one 45 miles away, and 3 state guilds – South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. I don’t usually attend the ND or MN meetings, but try to get to their annual shows. This past weekend was the ND show, 5 of us went up on Sat., stayed overnight to attend the banquet, and came home on Sun. We didn’t take classes this year, but each year they have about 3 national teachers. This year they were Brenda Henning, Ellen Anne Eddy, and Wendy Butler Berns who was the banquet speaker.

I’ve recently started to enter quilts in some of these shows – after all if only those who thought they would win a ribbon entered, it would be a pretty small show. So I entered 4 quilts in the show, just for fun, not expecting to win anything.

I was thrilled to find a second place ribbon on my ‘Nine and Vines’ quilt!:

But imagine how I felt when I saw this on my Christmas Ribbons quilt!!!:

I got 1st Place in the category, Best Longarm Quilting, and Best of Show Large quilt!!!!! Oh my gosh! I still can’t believe it! Here’s me with the whole quilt:

And a few more pics:

I was even more surprised at winning after seeing all the other quilts in the show. There were some that were just incredible – intricate applique, trapunto with teeny tiny microstippling, original designs, bursts of color. I wish I were closer and could be more of a participating member of the guild, as there seems to be a lot of talent there, and I’m sure they’re very nice people as well!

Speaking of nice people, I met someone I knew only from the Machine Quilter’s Resource site – Karen L. We had visited in the chat room a few times, and she helped me out one time by sending me some black batting I needed. It’s always fun to meet people you only know from online – especially when they’re quilters.

Now it’s back to reality – have to finish moving the rest of the studio this weekend. Sure hope we can figure out how to take apart the other quilting machine and put it back together without any leftover parts!

And the winner is……

Sorry I’m so late announcing the winner of my contest, but I’ve barely had time to come up for air lately. The rules were the winner would be the one to guess closest without going over. The closest guess was actually only off by $4, but it was OVER by that amount. So Alycia is the winner, as the total I spent for everything you saw was only $121!!!!

I haven’t uncovered any wonderful treasures in the mess of stuff that has to be moved, but I’m going to the Indian Summer Quilt Show & Conference in Fargo, ND, this weekend, so I will find something fun there for the prize.

Thanks to all that participated – Kay, you would have won but you missed the deadline!

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