My iPhoto is Gone :-(

The hard drive on my MacBook crashed two weeks ago. I couldn’t get the computer to start no matter what I did. So I took it to the ‘clinic’. They had it for 10 days, during which I had to use DH’s Windows machine :-P. 

Good news, the hardware was still under warranty. So I got a new hard drive for just the cost of installing it and reinstalling the software. Bad news, 9 months of info is gone. My bad, I had never backed anything up. They told me I could try drive recovery, but it could take 3+ weeks, and cost up to $3000. And there were no guarantees on recovering anything. So I decided to cut my losses. But I almost felt like I was in mourning. All of my settings and preferences were gone. All of my bookmarks and email contacts. Photos of all the customer quilts I’ve done this year. The website I created for one of the guilds I belong to. Inspirational photos, recipes, and other things that cluttered up my desktop. Not to mention the financial data for my business. Fortunately I only lost about 3 months of that, most of which is on paper printouts that I can recreate. Which I need to do soon since my sales tax report is due by the end of the month.

And my iPhoto is gone. I don’t remember when or how I got it. I think it came with the computer? Or maybe I got a special $20 deal when you bought the thing? But it’s not on there now, and I can’t find where it’s on any of my disks anywhere. So not only do I have to buy a backup drive, and reinstall all my programs, and recreate all my data and address books and bookmarks and……., but I have to purchase a new copy of iPhoto, and whatever else is missing that I haven’t realized I’m missing yet.

Computers do NOT make your life easier……..sigh.

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