The Harvest Begins

I told DH we might be able to have dessert in the garden tonight. I thought there might be a handful of strawberries ready to pick. This is what we found:


Two pounds of strawberries! And that is just the very start of the harvest. I think it will be a bumper crop this year. Time to find the Strawberry Margarita recipe!


I Dyed and went to Heaven!

I have wanted to do hand dyed fabric for a LOOOOONNNNGG time. I got that wish last Saturday! Jeri, Kay  Sherry and I went to Janet’s, and each dyed 20 yards of fabric. It was SOOOOO much fun! Here are the few photos I took before I got too excited to remember the camera:

These were some of the first batches:

My first few \'brews\'

This one I pleated and folded, then used 3 colors of dye:

We had all these colors to choose from:

We could choose from all these dye colors

From L to R: teacher Janet’s back, Sherry, Kay

My tablemate Jeri hard at work

My table mate, Jeri, hard at work

All 20 yards are washed and dried, but I still need to press them. Hmmm, wonder if I could take them to the dry cleaner in town and have them do it????

I can’t believe what I did today!

I finally started a blog! WHEW – I’m exhausted! More will have to wait until another day 😉



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