Studio Progress

Remember what the studio looked like last time I showed it? I rearranged already 😉

Then did a little destruction at the old studio:

Oh, no, what happened to my Prodigy???











And added a few things to the new studio:

I’m even working on my second customer quilt on the new machine! Oh, and it’s now easier for people to find me:

I took that as I was driving away today, I’ll have to try for a better shot without all the glare. But if you look really hard, you can kinda see me in the photo 😉 .


I Don’t Believe It!

I belong to 5 quilt guilds. One in my town, one 45 miles away, and 3 state guilds – South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. I don’t usually attend the ND or MN meetings, but try to get to their annual shows. This past weekend was the ND show, 5 of us went up on Sat., stayed overnight to attend the banquet, and came home on Sun. We didn’t take classes this year, but each year they have about 3 national teachers. This year they were Brenda Henning, Ellen Anne Eddy, and Wendy Butler Berns who was the banquet speaker.

I’ve recently started to enter quilts in some of these shows – after all if only those who thought they would win a ribbon entered, it would be a pretty small show. So I entered 4 quilts in the show, just for fun, not expecting to win anything.

I was thrilled to find a second place ribbon on my ‘Nine and Vines’ quilt!:

But imagine how I felt when I saw this on my Christmas Ribbons quilt!!!:

I got 1st Place in the category, Best Longarm Quilting, and Best of Show Large quilt!!!!! Oh my gosh! I still can’t believe it! Here’s me with the whole quilt:

And a few more pics:

I was even more surprised at winning after seeing all the other quilts in the show. There were some that were just incredible – intricate applique, trapunto with teeny tiny microstippling, original designs, bursts of color. I wish I were closer and could be more of a participating member of the guild, as there seems to be a lot of talent there, and I’m sure they’re very nice people as well!

Speaking of nice people, I met someone I knew only from the Machine Quilter’s Resource site – Karen L. We had visited in the chat room a few times, and she helped me out one time by sending me some black batting I needed. It’s always fun to meet people you only know from online – especially when they’re quilters.

Now it’s back to reality – have to finish moving the rest of the studio this weekend. Sure hope we can figure out how to take apart the other quilting machine and put it back together without any leftover parts!

And the winner is……

Sorry I’m so late announcing the winner of my contest, but I’ve barely had time to come up for air lately. The rules were the winner would be the one to guess closest without going over. The closest guess was actually only off by $4, but it was OVER by that amount. So Alycia is the winner, as the total I spent for everything you saw was only $121!!!!

I haven’t uncovered any wonderful treasures in the mess of stuff that has to be moved, but I’m going to the Indian Summer Quilt Show & Conference in Fargo, ND, this weekend, so I will find something fun there for the prize.

Thanks to all that participated – Kay, you would have won but you missed the deadline!

It’s Here!

This is how things looked last week:

And then:

Now we just have to move the other one in, along with all the stuff that goes with it!


I was starting to stress over all the money it takes to set up a new studio. There are so many little things I need to buy that add up. I wanted to turn the back room into a work room where I could have Quilts of Valor work days, or maybe do a few group ‘sew-ins’. But I couldn’t justify spending a lot on cabinets and counters when those activities wouldn’t be bringing in any income.

I saw an ad in the paper for a photography studio that was going out of business and selling furniture, among other things. I almost forgot about it, but remembered late Friday afternoon. DH and I went, and look what I found!:

Just the cabinet, the coffeepot came from home 😉

This has a top but we had to take it apart to move it.

















These are probably 6' tall with lots of shelves inside.






























This is 3 sided, about 5' tall, is on wheels, and is made of slatwall so I can use it for display or hang rulers and other tools from it.


















We didn’t have the pickup with us, so told them we’d be back on Sat. to pick up my finds. While DH was working to haul everything out on Sat., I did some more shopping. I found the wicker plant stand you can just about see in the previous photo, and 3 really large drawing pads – like maybe 24″ x 32″. They’ll be great for when I’m trying to sketch quilting ideas in a large area. Won’t the plant stand be cute when I paint it in one of my bright colors and add a trailing green plant?
















I was just about to leave, when I thought to ask if they had a credit card machine or cash register. 












And the best part is, all of this cost me only……………….

Wait! Why should I tell? It would be more fun if you guessed! I think I’ll have a blog contest! Whoever comes the closest without going over (sounds like the Showcase Showdown on Let’s Make a Deal, doesn’t it?) will win a prize. I don’t know what the prize will be, yet. Depends on what I don’t want to have to move LOL. Maybe one of my UFOs. (Unfinished Objects, for those of you who are not quilters.) Okay, it won’t be one of those, I promise. It will be something nice.

Post a comment here with your guess by 8am (CST) Mon., Sept. 15 and we’ll see who guesses the closest!

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose!!!

So about 10 minutes ago I’m still mourning the loss of iPhoto, as I try to modify some photos to post in my blog. I started thinking about how I was glad that when I upgraded my accounting package in May, I had them mail me disks instead of getting it as a download.

Then I started to wonder where those disks were??  So I rummaged around on a shelf, and I found them. And guess what was sitting on top of them?

This is the program that includes iPhoto. Guess the only thing that was gone after all is my mind!!!

UPDATE: Thank you all for not telling me what an idiot I am!! This program is NOT the one that includes iPhoto, that would be iWeb, which I still can’t find. Sheesh!!!!!!!

My iPhoto is Gone :-(

The hard drive on my MacBook crashed two weeks ago. I couldn’t get the computer to start no matter what I did. So I took it to the ‘clinic’. They had it for 10 days, during which I had to use DH’s Windows machine :-P. 

Good news, the hardware was still under warranty. So I got a new hard drive for just the cost of installing it and reinstalling the software. Bad news, 9 months of info is gone. My bad, I had never backed anything up. They told me I could try drive recovery, but it could take 3+ weeks, and cost up to $3000. And there were no guarantees on recovering anything. So I decided to cut my losses. But I almost felt like I was in mourning. All of my settings and preferences were gone. All of my bookmarks and email contacts. Photos of all the customer quilts I’ve done this year. The website I created for one of the guilds I belong to. Inspirational photos, recipes, and other things that cluttered up my desktop. Not to mention the financial data for my business. Fortunately I only lost about 3 months of that, most of which is on paper printouts that I can recreate. Which I need to do soon since my sales tax report is due by the end of the month.

And my iPhoto is gone. I don’t remember when or how I got it. I think it came with the computer? Or maybe I got a special $20 deal when you bought the thing? But it’s not on there now, and I can’t find where it’s on any of my disks anywhere. So not only do I have to buy a backup drive, and reinstall all my programs, and recreate all my data and address books and bookmarks and……., but I have to purchase a new copy of iPhoto, and whatever else is missing that I haven’t realized I’m missing yet.

Computers do NOT make your life easier……..sigh.

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