A Love/Hate Affair with Scallops

So how’s that for a catchy title? I do love scallops – bay scallops or sea scallops, the kind you eat with melted butter and garlic and lemon wedges. I grew up on the east coast, just a few miles from the ocean, and the next town over from mine had waterfront docks where you could buy fish from the boats when they returned. Yummy fresh fish and seafood!

Now I live in the midwest. Hard to find good seafood when you’re landlocked. So I don’t eat much seafood anymore. I miss it.

I started to not like scallops so well this past week. But a different kind of scallops. These were the ones on the outer edge of a quilt! My customer wanted me not only to quilt her embroidered quilt, but to add the binding, which had 28 scallops. (Thank goodness it wasn’t a whole boatload full of them!) The twenty eight gently curving scallops were not the problem, it was the 28 cleavages in between two scallops that I wasn’t too fond of! I found that in order for the cleavage to look nice, you need to take a small curved ‘dart’ in the binding at the place where they fall in the ‘decollatage’ – like this:

Then when you roll the binding to the back to do the hand finishing, a nice reverse miter is formed:

Now that it’s done, my friends in the MQR chat room won’t have to listen to me whine about the binding anymore. Guess I’ll have to find something different to whine about next week! LOL

Here are a few more pics of the quilt:

The scalloped binding was worth it though – I think it adds a lot to the quilt.

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