Win a FREE Queen-Sized Wide Quilt Back!


Would you like to win a free quilt back? I now carry almost 40 different wide fabrics on my Website and in my Studio.


I’m so excited to have such an extensive selection, that I thought I needed to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!

There are actually TWO ways you can win!


Leave a comment below, telling me WHY you quilt? Quilting began as a way to keep warm by making practical bed covers from scraps of leftover or previously used fabric. But most of us no longer NEED to keep warm in this way. It would be much faster, not to mention less expensive, to purchase a ready made blanket or comforter. So WHY do you participate in this ‘crazy’ hobby of taking perfectly good, brand new fabric, cutting it up into tiny pieces, and then sewing it back together again?? 😉 What is it about quilting that calls to you?

Leave your comment by Sat. March 16, and I’ll draw one name at random. That person will win 2-3/4 yards (99″ x 108″) of THEIR CHOICE of any of my COTTON quilt backs (sorry, Batiks and Flannels are excluded from the giveaway). While you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the left side of this page (or below if you’re reading on a mobile device). That way you won’t miss any of my upcoming posts on choosing quilting designs for your quilt tops (see the first article here).


Purchase a wide quilt back from my Online Store or in the Studio any time during March. Each time you purchase a 2 yard or larger cut of one fabric, your name and the value of that particular backing will go into a drawing. (If you buy 6 backs, you get 6 chances!) At the end of the month, I’ll draw out one name, and I will reimburse you for the price you paid for the back!! So if you bought a 3 yard piece at $16.99/yd., I’ll write you a check for $50.97 (plus sales tax and/or shipping if applicable)! How cool is that???

Be sure and visit the Website to see all of the wide backs I’ve recently added. And check out the Clearance section for some great buys on notions, patterns and Paintstiks and accessories!

And since it will be lots of fun to read why people quilt, please share this with your quilting friends, on your Facebook page, or Tweet about it, etc. Thanks, and Good luck!!


Tuesday Tip – Which is Which?

I like to prewash my fabrics, both to pre-shrink them and to avoid any surprises from bleeding dyes. I knew there were several chemicals that could be used in the wash to prevent problems with dyes, but I could never remember which one to use when.

Synthrapol is a detergent that washes away loose dye particles. Hand-dyers will use it as a final wash to remove excess dye. This is the product to try if you have had one fabric bleed into another – often times it will remove the ‘bleed’. Also use it when washing something where you think a fabric may bleed into the others. Or use Shout Color Catchers – they are similar to fabric softener sheets, but go in the wash, and help to pick up stray dye. (An added bonus to using the Color Catchers – sometimes they turn out to be the prettiest colors, and can be used in art quilting or craft projects!)

Retayne is a chemical that will fix the dye so it stops bleeding. Use it on solid or low contrast cloth, before you have sewn it into a top. (I usually wash my batiks in Retayne to be sure they won’t bleed.) Do NOT use it on a quilt where the red bled into the white, unless you WANT the white to stay pink! I did have a situation once where no matter how many times I washed a blue and white quilt in Synthrapol with Color Catchers, the blue backing just would NOT stop bleeding. I finally decided I was going to have to live with a blue and light blue quilt and washed it in Retayne so it would not continue to bleed.

Remember that to RETAIN something is to keep it, therefore RETAYNE keeps the dye in the fabric. (I wonder if they make RETAYNE for brains? Mine seems to have trouble RETAINING the things I’d like it to lately!)

Hope this helps you remember which is which. Now can someone remind me where I left my keys???…….

Quilting Studio Tour

If you couldn’t make it to my Quilt Market Review on Saturday, would you like to now join me on a photo tour of the Studio?

Here is the front entryway:

Front Entryway

Don’t you love the hayfork? I found that in an antique store in Missouri a few years back:


This is the view that greets you as you come in the door to the Studio:

As you look to the left, you come to the “Civil War Corner”:

Civil War Corner

A closer look (hmm, I didn’t know they had stereos like that back then <grin>):

Looking across the room reveals more fabric, patterns, and Paintstick supplies & samples:

And to the right more books and the “Twirling Tulips” sample:

Let’s go into the back room now for some refreshments:

And while you’re snacking you can see a demo of the AccuQuilt GO!

or browse through some new books and lines of fabric:

Finally, if you need to sit for a while, maybe you would like to help me sew some blocks for this sample that isn’t quite finished yet?:

Thank you again for coming, whether in person or in a virtual visit. I hope you’ll come back very soon!


WOW!! Thank you so much to all who came to my Quilt Market Review event today! For a while it seemed like we might need to have folks take a number and wait to get inside!! I hope you enjoyed visiting my Studio as much as I enjoyed having you. I especially appreciate those of you who drove 30 or 50 or more miles to attend. And I’m sorry if I didn’t get to personally spend time with each of you, but hopefully my *extremely* underpaid  but very capable assistants Betsy, Becky and Roxy were able to answer your questions. (I’m lucky they’re willing to work in exchange for being the first ones to fondle my new fabric LOL.) Thanks, gals, you’re the best!

Some of the items I had either were not available yet, or sold out early in the day. For those who filled out the Wish List sheets, I’ll let you know as soon as the items you indicated become available. Don’t forget the special savings on the AccuQuilt GO! will be available for all orders placed by Friday, June 11. Call or email if you have any questions on anything you saw today.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow for those of you who couldn’t join me in person, but for now it’s time for bed…..

Tuesday Tip – Taming the Stash

During my Stashbusters Club last year, one of the things we learned was how to tame those leftover bits and pieces from quilting projects. In the past I when I had finished cutting out what I needed for a quilt, I threw the leftover strips and pieces in a basket, thinking I would use them in a future quilt. But you know what??? All they did was multiply in that basket and get all wrinkled and tangled.

So when it came time to use them in a project, I didn’t want to take the time to sort and press and cut to size.

Now what I do is cut the leftovers into the largest useable pieces I can. If I can get a full strip, I cut it to the largest half-inch increment possible – 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, etc. up to about 6-1/2″. The size you cut is up to you, think about what sizes you use the most.

If it’s an odd sized piece, I cut it into squares or rectangles – again think of the sizes you use most – 5″ squares will work for nickel or charm quilts, 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ rectangles can be the start of a flying goose block……you get the idea. Don’t you think you’d be much more inclined to use these pieces in a quilt?:

I also sort them by color or type, so if I decide I need some 5″ blue squares, or some Christmas prints, I can grab them at a glance. I store them in a bin like you see above, or empty (clean!) pizza boxes work well too. If you have room for a drying rack, you can store strips on it:

It’s much easier to cut up that last little bit of fabric as you go, then try and do a whole bunch of it at one time.

What tips do you have for taming your stash???

If you don’t yet have much of a stash, visit the website where I now have fat quarters on sale for just $1.50 and $1.75 – a great excuse to add to your stash!!

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