Big Changes at the Studio

Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter will have received this information yesterday. But here it is again for anyone who may have missed it:

After thinking about this for a long time, I’ve decided to semi-retire. While I still enjoy quilting, I no longer wish maintain retail space and quilt on a full-time basis. I have many projects in my home and yard that I want to complete, and I miss the flexibility of taking off on the spur of the moment for long weekends with my husband (he doesn’t work on Fridays) to go camping, bicycling, etc.

Therefore, beginning Monday, June 23th, I will only be quilting on a part-time basis and will no longer have regular shop hours. All drop offs or pickups will be by appointment or chance. (Email me at or call 605-878-4587 for appointments.)

I will not be taking in any quilts for the next few weeks as I had a huge number of quilts dropped off recently. However, if your quilt is here now it will be done in the timeframe I promised you.

I plan to sell my A-1 Quilting Machine, and will then move my other machine back to my home. The A-1 is a 2008 system on a 14’ frame. You can read about the features of the A-1 here. This is a great machine that I would like to keep but it will not fit in my space at home. If you know of someone who might be interested, please have them contact me.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.54.32 AM

I will have a sale sometime in the near future to reduce my inventory of batting and wide backs. There will also be some quilt tops, finished quilted samples and fixtures available, so watch for a future email letting you know of the dates.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my shop during the last 5-1/2 years. It’s been great fun seeing what you were working on, helping you with your next project, and turning your beautiful quilt tops into finished quilts. And I look forward to continuing to add my part to your wonderful quilts during this next chapter of my quilting career!



What Does Steak Have to do with Quilting????

Have you ever been to a restaurant that served many, many, MANY types of food – Italian…. Steak…. Mexican…. Chicken…. Chinese…. American…. etc? Usually when trying to prepare many diverse things, none of them are done particularly well. Then you visit the restaurant that serves ONE thing – let’s say steak. Big steak …… or little steak ……. is the only choice. You KNOW you are going to get a great steak at that place.

I’ve been feeling like that first restaurant lately. Longarm quilter……pattern designer…..quilting teacher……retail store owner… manager…..bookkeeper…..blogger…..retreat organizer…… I don’t feel like I’ve been doing any of those as well as I could if I weren’t spread so thin.

So I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about which parts of the business I’m best at,  which ones I enjoy the most, and which parts fit in best with my personality quirks  (I’m not good at long term planning, and I have the attention span of a gnat – both things that are not conducive to running a fabric store!). I find that I need to create – not plan things out six months in advance…….not haggle with vendors over mistakes on orders…….not guess which fabrics to order that people will want to buy, only to find out my crystal ball was broken that day…..not spend a lot of time on marketing and merchandising and trying to convince people to buy things they probably don’t really need anyway. (I mean……really……how many of us are actually in danger of running out of fabric?!?!?!?!? LOL)

After much consideration, I have decided to narrow the focus of my business. I’m going to concentrate primarily on the longarm quilting, and possibly some time spent designing patterns. I really love the creativity of these parts of my business. I’ve had pattern ideas in my head for a long time, but just not enough uninterrupted time to get them worked out (there’s a lot of math involved in writing patterns!). I’ve also toyed with the idea of designing digitized quilting patterns for the computerized longarm systems. And I’ve still kept in the back of my mind the requests to teach longarm quilting classes. (Gee, that doesn’t seem like I’m really letting some things go, does it???)

Anyway, in order to free me up for these pursuits,


New Sale Prices in Effect beginning Aug. 11, 2012 – all regular width fabrics $6.99/yd or less! Everything else has been reduced by 30% (sale prices not valid on batting or wide backs)


I’m going to clearance out all of the retail quilting supplies, other than batting and wide quilt backs, which I will continue to carry. So all of my 44″ wide fabrics, pre-cut fabrics, notions, books, kits, etc. will be first come-first served, while supplies last.

I also need to take some time off this summer to recharge my batteries. I will be open Tues, Weds. and Thurs. from 10 am to 5 pm for July & August, other days will be by chance or appointment. The best thing to do if you are coming from out of town is to email or call to see if I will be open. And if you are not already on my mailing list, sign up here and/or Like Me on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on my hours. (I’ll probably be taking a full week off late Aug. or early Sept.)

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but hopefully the great buys on sale items will make it up to you a little bit. And keep in mind, while in the future the Studio may no longer have the most extensive ‘menu’ around, you’ll know that what we do offer will be the tenderest, juiciest, most flavorful ‘steak’ ever!


Quilting Studio Tour

If you couldn’t make it to my Quilt Market Review on Saturday, would you like to now join me on a photo tour of the Studio?

Here is the front entryway:

Front Entryway

Don’t you love the hayfork? I found that in an antique store in Missouri a few years back:


This is the view that greets you as you come in the door to the Studio:

As you look to the left, you come to the “Civil War Corner”:

Civil War Corner

A closer look (hmm, I didn’t know they had stereos like that back then <grin>):

Looking across the room reveals more fabric, patterns, and Paintstick supplies & samples:

And to the right more books and the “Twirling Tulips” sample:

Let’s go into the back room now for some refreshments:

And while you’re snacking you can see a demo of the AccuQuilt GO!

or browse through some new books and lines of fabric:

Finally, if you need to sit for a while, maybe you would like to help me sew some blocks for this sample that isn’t quite finished yet?:

Thank you again for coming, whether in person or in a virtual visit. I hope you’ll come back very soon!


WOW!! Thank you so much to all who came to my Quilt Market Review event today! For a while it seemed like we might need to have folks take a number and wait to get inside!! I hope you enjoyed visiting my Studio as much as I enjoyed having you. I especially appreciate those of you who drove 30 or 50 or more miles to attend. And I’m sorry if I didn’t get to personally spend time with each of you, but hopefully my *extremely* underpaid  but very capable assistants Betsy, Becky and Roxy were able to answer your questions. (I’m lucky they’re willing to work in exchange for being the first ones to fondle my new fabric LOL.) Thanks, gals, you’re the best!

Some of the items I had either were not available yet, or sold out early in the day. For those who filled out the Wish List sheets, I’ll let you know as soon as the items you indicated become available. Don’t forget the special savings on the AccuQuilt GO! will be available for all orders placed by Friday, June 11. Call or email if you have any questions on anything you saw today.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow for those of you who couldn’t join me in person, but for now it’s time for bed…..

Applique Reveal

Did you guess that I wasn’t really going to applique the word “EEL” somewhere on my project? This is mostly finished, I need to add some quilting and some buttons that I haven’t received yet.

Isn’t it cute? It’s from Nancy Halvorsen’s “Garden Song” book. She always has such fun ideas, including tea towels that are decorated or made into aprons. I’ll have the books, wire hangers and tea towels available at my “Quilt Market Review” this Saturday, June 5 from 11am – 3pm. Those are just a few of the new products I’ll be showing and demonstrating.

(If you’d like to know more about Quilt Market Review or any of the other events at my shop, you can view my newsletter here – and if you don’t already receive it via email, scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter to sign up.)

And since I like real flowers as well as the applique kind, I thought I’d show you what is blooming in the prairie garden right now:

These are shell-leaf penstemon. I was unfamiliar with this native prairie plant until we had a few blooming last year. This year those original plants seem to be gone, but now there are many of them in a newer part of the garden. We’ve slowly been turning part of our yard back to the native prairie plants that would have been here before the land was developed. Each year we tear up some of the lawn and replace it with native plants. The section we did last year was started mainly from seed – that’s where the penstemon are now. We’ve also purchased plants for some areas from a nursery called Morning Sky Greenery in Minnesota. We’re expecting a shipment of about 50 plants from them on Friday. It’s a good thing I have to work at the Studio on Saturday! LOL

Studio Progress

Remember what the studio looked like last time I showed it? I rearranged already 😉

Then did a little destruction at the old studio:

Oh, no, what happened to my Prodigy???











And added a few things to the new studio:

I’m even working on my second customer quilt on the new machine! Oh, and it’s now easier for people to find me:

I took that as I was driving away today, I’ll have to try for a better shot without all the glare. But if you look really hard, you can kinda see me in the photo 😉 .

It’s Here!

This is how things looked last week:

And then:

Now we just have to move the other one in, along with all the stuff that goes with it!

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