Quilting Studio Tour

If you couldn’t make it to my Quilt Market Review on Saturday, would you like to now join me on a photo tour of the Studio?

Here is the front entryway:

Front Entryway

Don’t you love the hayfork? I found that in an antique store in Missouri a few years back:


This is the view that greets you as you come in the door to the Studio:

As you look to the left, you come to the “Civil War Corner”:

Civil War Corner

A closer look (hmm, I didn’t know they had stereos like that back then <grin>):

Looking across the room reveals more fabric, patterns, and Paintstick supplies & samples:

And to the right more books and the “Twirling Tulips” sample:

Let’s go into the back room now for some refreshments:

And while you’re snacking you can see a demo of the AccuQuilt GO!

or browse through some new books and lines of fabric:

Finally, if you need to sit for a while, maybe you would like to help me sew some blocks for this sample that isn’t quite finished yet?:

Thank you again for coming, whether in person or in a virtual visit. I hope you’ll come back very soon!


Studio Progress

Remember what the studio looked like last time I showed it? I rearranged already 😉

Then did a little destruction at the old studio:

Oh, no, what happened to my Prodigy???











And added a few things to the new studio:

I’m even working on my second customer quilt on the new machine! Oh, and it’s now easier for people to find me:

I took that as I was driving away today, I’ll have to try for a better shot without all the glare. But if you look really hard, you can kinda see me in the photo 😉 .


I was starting to stress over all the money it takes to set up a new studio. There are so many little things I need to buy that add up. I wanted to turn the back room into a work room where I could have Quilts of Valor work days, or maybe do a few group ‘sew-ins’. But I couldn’t justify spending a lot on cabinets and counters when those activities wouldn’t be bringing in any income.

I saw an ad in the paper for a photography studio that was going out of business and selling furniture, among other things. I almost forgot about it, but remembered late Friday afternoon. DH and I went, and look what I found!:

Just the cabinet, the coffeepot came from home 😉

This has a top but we had to take it apart to move it.

















These are probably 6' tall with lots of shelves inside.






























This is 3 sided, about 5' tall, is on wheels, and is made of slatwall so I can use it for display or hang rulers and other tools from it.


















We didn’t have the pickup with us, so told them we’d be back on Sat. to pick up my finds. While DH was working to haul everything out on Sat., I did some more shopping. I found the wicker plant stand you can just about see in the previous photo, and 3 really large drawing pads – like maybe 24″ x 32″. They’ll be great for when I’m trying to sketch quilting ideas in a large area. Won’t the plant stand be cute when I paint it in one of my bright colors and add a trailing green plant?
















I was just about to leave, when I thought to ask if they had a credit card machine or cash register. 












And the best part is, all of this cost me only……………….

Wait! Why should I tell? It would be more fun if you guessed! I think I’ll have a blog contest! Whoever comes the closest without going over (sounds like the Showcase Showdown on Let’s Make a Deal, doesn’t it?) will win a prize. I don’t know what the prize will be, yet. Depends on what I don’t want to have to move LOL. Maybe one of my UFOs. (Unfinished Objects, for those of you who are not quilters.) Okay, it won’t be one of those, I promise. It will be something nice.

Post a comment here with your guess by 8am (CST) Mon., Sept. 15 and we’ll see who guesses the closest!

Working on the new Studio

It’s been a busy week. On Thursday DH’s Uncle Johnny came to help me paint the studio. We left the main room alone, it’s a warm beige in good condition, so that saved a lot of time. The back room, which will be my sewing room and break room and class area, had been a storeroom, so it needed help. DH and I pulled out old shelving and patched the walls earlier. I chose a lighter shade of the beige since there are no windows and not a lot of lights. It’s much brighter now.

My office has two walls of white panelling, the other two walls were a not very nice pinkish beige. Now I’m usually a very neutral person. I always choose the ‘safe’ colors – wouldn’t want to be too flamboyant, you know! So I went back and forth on what color scheme to use for the studio. I also usually gravitate towards cooler colors – blues, greens, purples, maybe venturing into the bluish-pinks.

So what ever possessed me to choose these as my color inspiration????

Sometimes you just have to get out of your ‘box’. I wanted bright and cheery, I wanted different. Do you think I got it?? LOL

The third one down on the left is what I painted the walls in the office.  It’s called ‘Coral Gables’. (The bottom one on the left is the main wall color.) Who comes up with paint names, anyway?? Is that an actual career choice? As in “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a paint-color-namer”? There is probably a much more romantic name for it, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Anyway, Johnny needed his sunglasses half way through the first coat of that color! He was very diplomatic in just agreeing with me when I said it was bright, instead of offering his real opinion. DH was even very kind to lie and say it ‘wasn’t bad’ when he first saw it. LOL

So here’s what it looks like when you see a glimpse of it from the main room:

It’s really not quite as orange as the photo shows. And if I decide it’s too bright, I can always put a glaze or something over it. The good thing is I don’t think I can ever fall asleep in that room, so I don’t have to worry about dozing off while doing paperwork!

Leaving the Dungeon

I work in my basement. It’s a very nice basement. It has finished walls, and carpeting, lots of lighting, even a fireplace (which has only been used once since we’ve lived here). It’s definately not a dungeon. Not at all like Grandpa’s dungeon in the basement from the old ‘Munsters’ show (although it does have a few cobwebs. Well, maybe more than a few. Okay, lets be honest here – it’s a fly’s worst nightmare! Hey, they act as insulation!).

But at times I felt like I was in a dungeon. It’s cold. Even in the summer, when the A/C is running upstairs, I will run a space heater. And it just has little windows. I can’t even tell what’s going on outside most of the time. Like the time the neighbor’s horses got loose………but that’s a story for another time. 

Anyway, I have longed for a long time to leave my basement. I wouldn’t have ever survived as a coal miner. I don’t like being below ground, I don’t like cold, I don’t like dark. (And I don’t like dust!) I need sun and warmth to thrive. So I have been looking for a place to move my business to.

I found it a few weeks ago:

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