Happy Thanksgiving!!

On the eve of the day set aside for us to


I’m thankful for all of my family, friends and customers out there in the blogosphere, and hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love.



Tuesday Tip – Finding More Time to Quilt

On the second Monday of the month we usually have a work night at my shop for Quilts of Valor, a program which gives quilts to wounded soldiers & veterans. Sometimes we stay later than other times, tonight we had a new sewist join us so we got quite a bit done and stayed longer than usual. (Don’t you love the word ‘sewist’? It looks so much nicer in print than ‘sewer’. Sewer doesn’t SOUND bad – “Sew-er” but when you type it it looks the same as the word pronounced “Soo-er”. So I prefer “Sewist” – but I digress……)

Anyway, I arrived home – tired, hungry, with a list of things I wanted to accomplish before bed. And what should I find waiting for me in my kitchen?

Just over 13 pounds!!! Poor Rudy must have been out in the drizzle picking for hours. The bad thing about strawberries – or any garden produce for that matter – is not only do you have to plant them, and water them, and weed them, and fertilize them, and keep the bugs & birds away from them, and harvest them, but then you have to DO something with them as well! So we spent an hour or so sorting and washing and hulling berries.

The larger ones get laid out on a cookie sheet and placed in the freezer. When solid, they go into ziplock bags and are eventually used in hot cereal, or for pancake topping, or to make smoothies, etc. We will deal with smaller ones tomorrow -those usually get pureed in the blender and made into fruit leather in the dehydrator, or one of my favorite things to do with them (favorite meaning *EASY*) – Frozen Strawberry Daquiris. I was going to post my recipe for you, but I can’t find it! What am I going to do?????? (Anyone have any good strawberry recipes to share with me?)

Anyway, this leads me to today’s Tuesday Tip for quilters:

If you want to have time to sew during the summer, don’t plant a garden!!!!!

Sad Day

It was a busy day at the shop – that was good.  It helped keep my mind off of what I had to do when I left work today. In this post I showed you a picture of Annie. Annie is our lab mix who came to live with us on our first anniversary (hence her name – short for Anniversary Dog) back in 1995, when she was just 8 weeks old. Which makes her 14 now. That’s about 98 in human years. She doesn’t hear so well, doesn’t see so well, and for the last year or two has had trouble with her back legs. She had trouble standing up, her back end would start sinking. And she couldn’t always make it outside to do what should be done outside.

And in the last week or two she was pacing a lot and panting. Which the vet had told us were signs she was in pain. So we decided it was time to put her out of her misery. I *know* we did the right thing, but it still hurts. We had her all but one year of our married life. We lived with her in 5 different houses (plus 2 motels) in 3 different towns. And she caused us all kinds of problems, like chewing through the cable TV and telephone wires, and digging out of the backyard fence, and jumping out of the 6 foot high kennel – several times, and jumping out of the window of the rental house (ripping the screen and messing up the trim), and stressing out during thunderstorms, and, oh, – I can’t even think of all the other things. But you know what??? We loved her anyway. And no matter how much we ignored her or got mad at her or yelled at her, she loved us right back. Pets are funny that way. People should learn from their example.

So long, dear Annie. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We’ll look for you at the Rainbow Bridge…..

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose!!!

So about 10 minutes ago I’m still mourning the loss of iPhoto, as I try to modify some photos to post in my blog. I started thinking about how I was glad that when I upgraded my accounting package in May, I had them mail me disks instead of getting it as a download.

Then I started to wonder where those disks were??  So I rummaged around on a shelf, and I found them. And guess what was sitting on top of them?

This is the program that includes iPhoto. Guess the only thing that was gone after all is my mind!!!

UPDATE: Thank you all for not telling me what an idiot I am!! This program is NOT the one that includes iPhoto, that would be iWeb, which I still can’t find. Sheesh!!!!!!!

My iPhoto is Gone :-(

The hard drive on my MacBook crashed two weeks ago. I couldn’t get the computer to start no matter what I did. So I took it to the ‘clinic’. They had it for 10 days, during which I had to use DH’s Windows machine :-P. 

Good news, the hardware was still under warranty. So I got a new hard drive for just the cost of installing it and reinstalling the software. Bad news, 9 months of info is gone. My bad, I had never backed anything up. They told me I could try drive recovery, but it could take 3+ weeks, and cost up to $3000. And there were no guarantees on recovering anything. So I decided to cut my losses. But I almost felt like I was in mourning. All of my settings and preferences were gone. All of my bookmarks and email contacts. Photos of all the customer quilts I’ve done this year. The website I created for one of the guilds I belong to. Inspirational photos, recipes, and other things that cluttered up my desktop. Not to mention the financial data for my business. Fortunately I only lost about 3 months of that, most of which is on paper printouts that I can recreate. Which I need to do soon since my sales tax report is due by the end of the month.

And my iPhoto is gone. I don’t remember when or how I got it. I think it came with the computer? Or maybe I got a special $20 deal when you bought the thing? But it’s not on there now, and I can’t find where it’s on any of my disks anywhere. So not only do I have to buy a backup drive, and reinstall all my programs, and recreate all my data and address books and bookmarks and……., but I have to purchase a new copy of iPhoto, and whatever else is missing that I haven’t realized I’m missing yet.

Computers do NOT make your life easier……..sigh.

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