Win a FREE Queen-Sized Wide Quilt Back!


Would you like to win a free quilt back? I now carry almost 40 different wide fabrics on my Website and in my Studio.


I’m so excited to have such an extensive selection, that I thought I needed to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!

There are actually TWO ways you can win!


Leave a comment below, telling me WHY you quilt? Quilting began as a way to keep warm by making practical bed covers from scraps of leftover or previously used fabric. But most of us no longer NEED to keep warm in this way. It would be much faster, not to mention less expensive, to purchase a ready made blanket or comforter. So WHY do you participate in this ‘crazy’ hobby of taking perfectly good, brand new fabric, cutting it up into tiny pieces, and then sewing it back together again?? 😉 What is it about quilting that calls to you?

Leave your comment by Sat. March 16, and I’ll draw one name at random. That person will win 2-3/4 yards (99″ x 108″) of THEIR CHOICE of any of my COTTON quilt backs (sorry, Batiks and Flannels are excluded from the giveaway). While you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the left side of this page (or below if you’re reading on a mobile device). That way you won’t miss any of my upcoming posts on choosing quilting designs for your quilt tops (see the first article here).


Purchase a wide quilt back from my Online Store or in the Studio any time during March. Each time you purchase a 2 yard or larger cut of one fabric, your name and the value of that particular backing will go into a drawing. (If you buy 6 backs, you get 6 chances!) At the end of the month, I’ll draw out one name, and I will reimburse you for the price you paid for the back!! So if you bought a 3 yard piece at $16.99/yd., I’ll write you a check for $50.97 (plus sales tax and/or shipping if applicable)! How cool is that???

Be sure and visit the Website to see all of the wide backs I’ve recently added. And check out the Clearance section for some great buys on notions, patterns and Paintstiks and accessories!

And since it will be lots of fun to read why people quilt, please share this with your quilting friends, on your Facebook page, or Tweet about it, etc. Thanks, and Good luck!!



I was starting to stress over all the money it takes to set up a new studio. There are so many little things I need to buy that add up. I wanted to turn the back room into a work room where I could have Quilts of Valor work days, or maybe do a few group ‘sew-ins’. But I couldn’t justify spending a lot on cabinets and counters when those activities wouldn’t be bringing in any income.

I saw an ad in the paper for a photography studio that was going out of business and selling furniture, among other things. I almost forgot about it, but remembered late Friday afternoon. DH and I went, and look what I found!:

Just the cabinet, the coffeepot came from home 😉

This has a top but we had to take it apart to move it.

















These are probably 6' tall with lots of shelves inside.






























This is 3 sided, about 5' tall, is on wheels, and is made of slatwall so I can use it for display or hang rulers and other tools from it.


















We didn’t have the pickup with us, so told them we’d be back on Sat. to pick up my finds. While DH was working to haul everything out on Sat., I did some more shopping. I found the wicker plant stand you can just about see in the previous photo, and 3 really large drawing pads – like maybe 24″ x 32″. They’ll be great for when I’m trying to sketch quilting ideas in a large area. Won’t the plant stand be cute when I paint it in one of my bright colors and add a trailing green plant?
















I was just about to leave, when I thought to ask if they had a credit card machine or cash register. 












And the best part is, all of this cost me only……………….

Wait! Why should I tell? It would be more fun if you guessed! I think I’ll have a blog contest! Whoever comes the closest without going over (sounds like the Showcase Showdown on Let’s Make a Deal, doesn’t it?) will win a prize. I don’t know what the prize will be, yet. Depends on what I don’t want to have to move LOL. Maybe one of my UFOs. (Unfinished Objects, for those of you who are not quilters.) Okay, it won’t be one of those, I promise. It will be something nice.

Post a comment here with your guess by 8am (CST) Mon., Sept. 15 and we’ll see who guesses the closest!

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