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They made it as far as Altoona IA Sat. night. Four more crews were meeting them there from other parts of SD. There are 10 vehicles traveling together in a convoy – line trucks, cranes, bucket trucks, a bobcat (that’s on a trailer – I’d hate to drive a Bobcat that far!!) and I’m not sure what else – those were the ones I could make out in the photos that Rudy sent me Sun. morning just before they hit the road again:

They spent Sun. night in Reynoldsburg OH. I think they drove about 650 miles. Here they are fueling up again this morning in Reynoldsburg:

Plans seem to change minute by minute. I can’t imagine the amount of coordination it takes to get all the people and equipment and supplies in the right places at the right time. Today they are heading to Harrisburg PA, which is apparently a staging area until they are needed in NJ. They’re not sure if they will spend some time there, or continue on to NJ tonight. There is talk that they may be housed in a racetrack or soccer stadium that has 4000 beds set up – a ‘man camp’ Rudy calls it. Time will tell……


2 Responses

  1. Rudy sure seems to make the best of things! That 4,000 bed “man camp” does not seem like as good a place as a 12 bed hunting cabin (or wherever they sleep on those trips) – but as long as he is safe and cared for, things will be fine. And the hunting cabin will be there for him next year. Tell him hello from us and thanks for his hard work!!! Oh the stories he will have upon returning – I think this one adventure alone could fill up a whole entire scrapbook!
    David and Lisa

  2. Tell Rudy hi from us and be safe. Good thing he didn’t draw a tag for out west this year it will be all that better next year.

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