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And Now for Something Completely Different….

So I’ve been absent from the Blogosphere for a LONG time. I’ve sold out most of my retail goods, have gotten caught up on the quilting, and am feeling much more relaxed and happy – yea me!!

And then came Superstorm Sandy. While I no longer live on the East Coast, I grew up on Long Island and still have friends and family in both NY & NJ. I spent the first week glued to the TV and reports on the Internet. All of the family I checked with fortunately had no flooding or damage, but were without electricity for varying amounts of time. My 90 year old mother went 3 days without, but fortunately was then restored. A cousin and several friends are still in the dark 5 days after the storm.

The total destruction done to some of the areas is unimaginable to me. My brother works in facilities management in Manhattan, and said of all the blizzards, 9/11, and other disasters that he has been through, this is the worst. If I didn’t have my shop and two dogs to consider, I think I would head out there and volunteer at one of the shelters.

My DH is a lineman for the power company in SD. Thursday he told me that they requested manpower to go out and help. It might mean he would be gone for 2 – 4 weeks. He had vacation planned – every fall for 20+ years he has gone deer hunting with friends in the Black Hills. But he was willing to go if it was okay with me. I told him the decision was his, but I was behind him if he wanted to go. So he started unpacking the hunting gear (he was scheduled to leave Fri. morning) and started packing the work suitcases.

The first report was that he and a co-worker would be leaving Monday and driving to Ellsworth Airforce Base where they would fly them and their equipment out in a military cargo plane. Cool! I’d like to do that too!! After several changes in plans, we were told they were going to Hoboken, NJ, driving a crane and a line truck. And leaving Sat. afternoon! All the things he was going to spend the weekend doing had to get done Friday night! Bills paid, laundry done, suitcases packed, and wait…….we don’t know if there is a place for them to sleep or eat. Hoboken was seriously flooded, and many stores and business are not open. So, time to pack a sleeping bag, pillow, wet wipes in case there are no showers, non-perishable food to keep his energy up during the 16 hour work days, bottled water, and, just in case, toilet paper! You never know what you might need when you’re a lineman on a storm job!!

So here is the rig he will be driving 1500 miles from the prairies of SD to the metropolitan New York/New Jersey area:


I’m glad I don’t have to drive that thing!

Time to go for tonight, but I plan to post more about his trip, as he will try to send me photos of his journey


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update. Thoughts and prayers to Rudy on this adventure. Thank God for him and people like him! I hope you keep us posted as you hear from him.
    David and Lisa N.

  2. Thank you and safe travels!

  3. Flying in a military cargo plane is so “not fun” but I bet bouncing around for 1500 miles in that big truck is no picnic either. I love America. We seem to pull together in an emergency. Your Rudy not only has the skills needed to rebuild but he has the heart to help people. His sacrifice will be a blessing for so many people. God bless him and you, Andi, for this gift.

    • It probably isn’t, Linda, but it would be cool to see how they put something as big as that crane inside a plane. Thank you for your kind words, I’ll pass them on to Rudy.

  4. Hi Andi – So glad that you shared what’s going on in your life. This latest disaster in America has helped me make the decision to retire this year so I can maybe be more free to volunteer – you and hubby have made a very unselfish decision – and if it would help free you to go see and help your mom – I will take your dogs to my farm and watch them for you. I already have 2 yellow labs, a Border Collie and 4 kitties – so what’s two more dogs? I’ll stop by the shop and talk to you tomorrow about it – You and yours are in my prayers –
    Janet B

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