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I Don’t Believe It!

I belong to 5 quilt guilds. One in my town, one 45 miles away, and 3 state guilds – South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. I don’t usually attend the ND or MN meetings, but try to get to their annual shows. This past weekend was the ND show, 5 of us went up on Sat., stayed overnight to attend the banquet, and came home on Sun. We didn’t take classes this year, but each year they have about 3 national teachers. This year they were Brenda Henning, Ellen Anne Eddy, and Wendy Butler Berns who was the banquet speaker.

I’ve recently started to enter quilts in some of these shows – after all if only those who thought they would win a ribbon entered, it would be a pretty small show. So I entered 4 quilts in the show, just for fun, not expecting to win anything.

I was thrilled to find a second place ribbon on my ‘Nine and Vines’ quilt!:

But imagine how I felt when I saw this on my Christmas Ribbons quilt!!!:

I got 1st Place in the category, Best Longarm Quilting, and Best of Show Large quilt!!!!! Oh my gosh! I still can’t believe it! Here’s me with the whole quilt:

And a few more pics:

I was even more surprised at winning after seeing all the other quilts in the show. There were some that were just incredible – intricate applique, trapunto with teeny tiny microstippling, original designs, bursts of color. I wish I were closer and could be more of a participating member of the guild, as there seems to be a lot of talent there, and I’m sure they’re very nice people as well!

Speaking of nice people, I met someone I knew only from the Machine Quilter’s Resource site – Karen L. We had visited in the chat room a few times, and she helped me out one time by sending me some black batting I needed. It’s always fun to meet people you only know from online – especially when they’re quilters.

Now it’s back to reality – have to finish moving the rest of the studio this weekend. Sure hope we can figure out how to take apart the other quilting machine and put it back together without any leftover parts!


8 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Andi!!!!

    I’m not at all surprised — that is a beautiful quilt that many of us admired when you posted it in the past!!

  2. look at you go! congrats andi! well deserved.

  3. Andi, congratulations! The ribbons are well deserved! Woohoo!

  4. Congrats Andi!!! Well deserved ribbons on beautiful quilts!! You go girl!!

  5. Andi, It was great to meet you on Saturday, your quilts were stunning. The judge made the correct decision giving you the ribbons. And Yes, that guild is very talented. I hope to see more of you in the future.

    Karen L

  6. Wow, these are awesome quilts, I can see why you won ribbons for them.

  7. I’m so happy for you Andi. I dont remember seeing that Christmas quilt before, it’s a beauty. Best of all, is seeing a picture of YOU and your smiling face!



  8. Congratulations Andi! That’s fabulous.


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