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‘Marbelous’ Marbelling

Next up was Kay’s session on marbelling. You fill a shallow tray with cheap-o shaving cream, then dribble on paints or inks. Stir the colors around with a skewer, comb through them with a hair pick, and once you have a design you like, lay your fabric on top. Press it down, pull it off, and scrape off the extra shaving cream. Voila!

Kay and Jeri

Kay and Jeri hard at work

Kay's tray of shaving cream

Kay's pan


Jeri found you could re-print a piece if you didn’t like it or wanted more color. Here she’s adding additional color to one side of a piece:

Jeri's pan

Jeri re-printing

Jeri turned out to be our Marbelling Maven. I didn’t get any photos of her finished pieces, but they were really pretty. Can you tell she’s having fun?

Is she icing a cake or printing fabric???

Is she icing a cake or marbelling fabric???


Marbelling isn’t rocket science, but I struggled with it. I think I wasn’t using enough ink, and I was stirring too deeply into the shaving cream. You just need to stir through the top maybe 1/4 inch of cream, I seemed to think I was baking a cake and needed to mix it up good to get all the lumps on the bottom!

I didn’t care for my first few pieces:

Green and purple acrylic paint

Green and purple acrylic paint

Multicolored inks

Multicolored inks

Another multicolored ink piece

Another multicolored ink piece

Inks gently swirled in a circular pattern

Inks gently swirled in a circular pattern

My final piece

My final piece

 I liked my last two pieces a lot better. Once I figured out I needed more ink, and not to press too deeply with the skewer or comb. But by the time I got that figured out, it was time to move on to other things…..


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